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It's not Max Keiser's Bitcoin anymore

16 February  2024 · Block Height 830700 · Bitcoin Price $51K

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Everything’s happening in Asia, so of course Blockspace was there! We report on our takeaways from our time in Hong Kong.

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Hashrate has dropped +50 Ph/s since the Halving

Asia Is Leading The Bitcoin Market

I’m currently on the last leg of a flight back to the U.S from Hong Kong reflecting on a trip that confirmed what I already knew to be true: Asia is (back) in the driver’s seat of Bitcoin.

The Bitcoin Asia conference saw over 5,000 attendees flock to Kai Tek Cruise Terminal Park for 2 packed days of content and then most continued the party at Ordinals Asia. The content featured major funds like ABCDE, Hashkey, and Waterdrip, who’s assets under management rival or dwarf those of some of the figureheads of Western crypto capital. Mining giants like ViaBTC, Antpool, and Bitmain were present, talking extensively about Ordinals and the future of Bitcoin L1 business strategy.

Conspicuously, the usual pantheon of Bitcoin conference A-listers were not present. Nor were their talking points or catch phrases. It’s as if the Bitcoin culture which has so defined “toxic" Bitcoin culture simply never existed. I did not hear “stay humble and stack sats” once this entire week.

Yes, there was an ungodly amount of shitcoins and scams, but this is simply the new paradigm and you’d better make peace with it. They will pay for Bitcoin blockspace and the market will decide.

The new phrases of this era are Bitcoin L1, Layer 2 and Bitcoin DeFi. Welcome to the future!

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